A‌s an airplane slide collector, you are using a brand new website where you are able to buy or bid top quality 100% original slides of aircraft taken mostly by myself (or acquired through various trades) during the past decades. They are mostly Kodak 25, 64 Asa, or Provia/Fuji 100 for the very recent shots. There are commercial and some military aircraft (mainly VIP and executives types).

This website currently has its advantages. You will get a clear visibility on your cart at all times with an immediate postage cost and no more PayPal fees as often implemented with other slides websites. As time goes by, improvements to the website will be carried out so that surfing through will be more convivial. Other sections will also be added.

The quality of the photos will exactly reflect the slide you want to get, so no bad surprises.
All slides will be posted from a E.E.C. country, so all prices are quoted in Euros.
You are most welcome to contact us at any time.

Thank you. Christian